I DIDN'T DO IT BECAUSE... Excuses, Excuses DVD

This program demonstrates how making excuses will cause friends to feel they can't count on you, and how ultimately, making excuses will leave you feeling bad about yourself.

"But I Have Good Excuse!" Crystal is on the bake sale committee. First she doesn't show up in time to bake the cookies, then she forgets to bring her cupcakes to the sale. Her excuses all sound plausible to her, but her friends grow tired of them. In the end Crystal ends up with a reputation as someone who can't be counted on.

"I'll Do It Tomorrow" When Tyler gets a new goldfish his older brother explains that the fish need clean water in order to survive. But every day Tyler finds another excuse for not cleaning the tank, and the water gets dirtier and dirtier. In the end he has to suffer the consequences of realizing that his fish have died because of his neglect.

"But It Wasn't My Fault!" One of Fiona's many excuses for not doing her homework is that she shares a room with her sister, who is a big distraction. Her teacher calls a meeting with Fiona's parents, but in the meantime, Fiona has to stay in at recess to complete her work.

"I Forgot" Noah misses his music lesson, doesn't show up to meet his sister and neglects to call his mother to say where he is. When he finally comes home, his mother is frantic and his sister is furious. In the end he owns up and takes responsibility for his mistakes.

*Includes Teacher's Guide

#10011/194516 minutes2005Grades 3 to 5 $99.95 Streaming Available

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