STEROIDS: The True Story

True personal stories and honestly expressed opinions make for a compelling look at steroid use in high schools. With the help of a moderator to lead discussion and commentary by the Team Physician for the UCLA Athletics this program offers life-saving facts about these deadly drugs.

The Perfect Body: Matt shares how he became increasingly obsessed with getting stronger and bigger. He started taking creatine and amino acids along with weight supplements to maintain his "look." He started having mood swings, bursts of anger and high blood pressure but was lucky and recognized that he felt awful and stopped.

The Secret Edge: Kids discuss the secrecy surrounding steroid use in high school. This code of silence can keep teens isolated and impede their recognition of common side effects.

Physical and Psychological Side Effects: Boys and girls commonly suffer side effects from steroid use including increased blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, blood clots, tendon damage, cancer and damage to the reproductive system. On the psychological side, steroids can bring on mood swings, depression and even psychosis.

Other Supplements: The importance of scrutinizing labels on nutritional supplements and being sure that they are in fact steroid-free is reinforced.

All Natural: Students talk about their own feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment when they take the natural approach.

****Includes Teacher's Guide

#10134/1945*24 minutes2006Grades 7 to 12 $129.95 Streaming Available

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