EMERGENCY STRESS KIT with Loretta LaRoche (3 DVDs)

Loretta LaRoche shares her wacky and irreverent ways to discover the healing power of humor, and stop "global whining" in this collection. These three 56-minute programs are great for raising the laughter level and bringing down the stress in almost any situation whether for individuals or in groups.

THE JOY OF STRESS - Deals with managing change through humor and choice. Clear instructions are provided on how to become crazed and humorless! Explore humorous options to reduce stressful situations. Guaranteed to provide a natural high that comes with a dose of laughter.

HUMOR YOUR STRESS - Faxing, phoning, whining, over-achieving, over-scheduling, and over-dressing have taken over... Watch out! Loretta's here to lead viewers back to a simpler and much funnier time.

Armed with some of the newest findings in the field of mind-body health, Loretta promises to show us how to bounce back every day with humor and sound psychological advice -- along with making sure that we don't forget to wear our party pants. If you're not sure that you have party pants, this is the perfect opportunity to find out!

#1027/0890Grades 9 to A $139.95 *CC

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