HELP! They Stole My Name! DVD

What is identity theft? Can it happen to me? How likely is it that it will? What can I do if it does happen? We talked to actual identity theft victims and heard their accounts. The people you'll see onscreen aren't actors, and their harrowing tales are genuine. From corporate data theft to shoulder-surfing and skimming - we show the most common ways thieves steal your identity.

Learning how to protect yourself will help you get back in control. We consulted with numerous experts from law enforcement and consumer groups, to get the information you need to avoid the most common, and not so common, identity traps. It's all here!

* How identity theft happens.
* Who might be digging through your trash.
* What you can do if your identity is stolen.

Find out:
* How you can give your wallet a "make-over" guaranteed to frustrate thieves.
* Which ATMs are most likely to be safe from "skimmers".
* How to safely manage your e-mail and internet activity.

This program is a must-have for any consumer education classroom!

*Includes Guide
*Closed Captioned

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