We are delighted to offer a new child discipline program created by the nationally recognized parenting expert Dr. Thomas Knestrict.

Dr. Knestrict, a professor at Xavier University, has specialized for years in the behavior of young and special-needs children. He has conducted numerous workshops and seminars across the country for parents and educators. Here, he's combined his extensive professional knowledge with his hard-earned real-life experience as a father of three, and created a practical program to teach parents how they can structure their homes and lives to keep themselves and their children happy, healthy, and sane!

Learn all about:
* What a family should base their rules on, and why.
* The two most important things parents can provide for their children's emotional and mental well-being.
* How you can get your kids up, dressed and out of the house in the morning without being late - and how you can get them back to bed in the evening without going crazy.

A series of realistic live-action scenarios, enhanced by expert commentary, show how parents can consciously structure their family life. Along the way, we illustrate how developing a set of well-thought-out rules, rituals and routines will make parents' lives easier and their children happier and well-behaved. A great addition to any family or parenting education program!

*Includes Guide
*Closed Captioned

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