Take an exciting tour and find out how our local governments work in Canada. This easy to follow and fast-paced program offers a comprehensive ride through the structure of municipal governments and agencies like school boards. Suitable for audiences including civics courses and other studies in social science.

This program's lively host guides the viewer through an exploration of how their local government organizes and manages the community they live in. Students will learn how their local government affects them in their everyday lives and encourages them to get involved and participate in the building of their community.

Easy to navigate DVD chapters include topics such as:
· Municipal Government
· Two-Tier Government
· City Council
· Elections
· Committees
· Staff and Administration
· Revenue and Spending
· How Local Governments Affect Our Lives
· Specialized Governing Bodies
· Agencies, Boards and Commissions
· School Boards
· Intergovernmental Relations
· Amalgamation
· Getting Involved

This fun and modern approach to understanding local government in Canada is an exciting and motivating accompaniment to high school civics courses, various other social sciences or any course requiring a foundation for understanding local government in Canada.

*Includes downloadable PDF Workbook

#10410/037528 minutes2007Grades 7 to A $179.95 Streaming Available

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