LAST RAVE (The): About Club Drugs DVD

With the influx of club drugs - ecstasy, methamphetamines, and more - teens need to be informed and alerted to the serious psychological and physical consequences of using these addictive substances which many falsely believe to be harmless. This unfolding, realistic drama makes viewers aware of the risks of using these drugs and challenges teens to think more critically about experimenting with them.

The accompanying pamphlet uses a true/false self-test to help teens assess their knowledge and get the facts about club drugs.

After viewing this program students will:
- Understand the risks and consequences of using club drugs
- Identify salient information about club drugs
- Recognize the personal price of experimentation
- Realize that friends can play an important role in resisting drugs

***Includes Teacher's Guide

#10514/1945*21 minutes2006Grades 7 to 12 $129.95 Streaming Available

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