Mental fitness, dementia and eldercare... these five programs cover a range of older adult issues!
*WHAT EVERY CAREGIVER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE presents a thorough and compassionate explanation of this difficult-to-manage disease. 75 minutes #10571
*STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT DEMENTIA is a documentary that explores issues important to both family and professional caregivers. 45 minutes #10572
*AEROBICS OF THE MIND presents the research underpinnings of mental activity for older adults and shows you how to run a group session on mental fitness. 90 minutes #10573
*ELEANOR AT 80 tells the story of a typical family facing an eldercare crisis with step-by-step mediation analysis and conflict resolution techniques. 90 minutes #10574
*MENTAL FITNESS presents 24 mental workouts for individuals or groups.40 minutes #10575

* Closed Captioned
*Programs are also available for purchase individually.

#10550/01402006 $409.95 *CC Streaming Available

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