This series addresses the training demands of serious athletes across all sports. Each DVD begins with a series of assessments, which identify the athlete's strengths and weaknesses and establish a baseline for customizing training programs. From there, numerous exercise options and sample workouts are provided, all of which may be tailored to address the demands of specific sports and specific positions.

The DVDs in the series include:

POWER FOR SPORTS PERFORMANCE - Developed by the Baltimore Orioles' strength and conditioning coaches, this DVD showcases a progressive program in which resistance training is used for building a power base before advancing to a complex power program composed of strength training and plyometrics. 39 minutes

FLEXIBILITY FOR SPORTS PERFORMANCE - This DVD is based on the Stretch to Win system, made famous by Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick, who have worked with such elite athletes as the Philadelphia Eagles' Donovan McNabb, as well as numerous Olympians, and pro players in the NFL, MLB, and NHL. 51 minutes

SPEED FOR SPORTS PERFORMANCE - Including dynamic warm-ups; plyometrics; and variable, resisted, and assisted speed training, this DVD not only presents the most effective exercises and drills for improving speed and quickness, but also provides guidance to combine training techniques into a complete speed-development program. 55 minutes

STRENGTH FOR SPORTS PERFORMANCE - In this DVD, Allen Hedrick, current head coach of strength and conditioning at the United States Air Force Academy and former United States Olympic Training Center strength and conditioning coordinator, demonstrates resistance training exercises that correspond to the movement patterns, muscle contractions, and energy demands of many sports. 25 minutes

With the capability to print programs and workouts from each DVD, instruction from this series can be taken directly from the computer to the gym or field. These DVDs form the ultimate training package for coaches and athletes looking to gain an edge in every facet of competition.

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