Teachers/Administrators and Staff of Grades K-12

Both novice and experienced teachers face challenges in the classroom, from difficult students to potential burnout. This outstanding series examines the issues that are important to teachers and provides effective tips and techniques for improvement. Written by professors of education and veteran teachers, these programs are filled with clear narration, easy-to-apply strategies, classroom reenactments, and a bit of humor! Each program is perfectly suited to enrich a department meeting, to reinforce an in-service workshop, or simply to take home for personal growth.

Ten 24- to 41- minute programs:
Creative Teaching Methods 342317
Cooperative Learning 342164
Lesson Planning 343994
Computers in the Curriculum 343673
Assigning Effective Homework 34146
Constructive Parent Conferences 342260
Keeping Control of the Class 343838
Managing Student Conflict S44270
Avoiding Burnout 341621
The Beauty of Teaching 341867

#10640/19451999Grades A to $399.95 Streaming Available

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