Help kids learn the difference between being a tattle-tale and being someone who understands when it is necessary to report a situation that a youngster can't handle alone.

What is Tattling?: Lizzie learns that telling when Brad forgets his homework, when Karyn forgets her lunch money, and when Kristy forgets to have her report card signed. She is tattling, because her intent is to get the other kids in trouble.

When Someone Picks On You: Richard chases Hallie and her friend Joey, grabs them and tries to hurt them. Hallie's mom helps her see that telling is always okay if you or someone you know is being bullied.

Tell When You're Not Safe: Derek and Hunter venture into the woods despite Hunter's parents forbidding it. That night, Hunter develops a rash. Afraid that it might be serious, he tells his mother about going into the woods. Even though he is punished, Hunter knows he did the right thing telling when he felt he wasn't safe.

When Someone Else Isn't Safe: Michael spots a small bulldozer on the side of the road and leaves his sister Kaylie to go and try to start it. Arriving home without Michael, Kaylie hesitates to tell her dad, thinking it's tattling. Fearing Michael might get hurt, she finally tells her dad where he is. She learns that when someone is in danger, it's always all right to tell.

***Includes Teacher's Guide

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