ANGRY COUPLE (The): Conflict Focused Treatment with Dr. Susan Heitler Ph.D

This program dramatically recreates key moments in the six-month course of therapy with Judith and Richard, a distressed couple whose marriage is threatened by a cycle of explosive anger and silent withdrawal. Dr. Heitler quickly reins in their anger, cuts through the impasses that have prolonged their conflict, and uncovers the core issues that have blocked intimacy from flourishing.

Watch Dr. Heitler in action, and you'll learn how to:
* Gain control in the first session, and keep subsequent sessions safe
* Defuse anger in the therapy office, without taking sides
* Teach techniques for preventing anger escalations at home
* Convert inflammatory interactions to cooperative dialogue
* Help couples develop positive communication skills, so core issues are addressed and resolved.

THE ANGRY COUPLE offers a solid framework for students, fresh perspectives for seasoned therapists, and engaging learning for couples looking to enhance their relationship.
*Includes Instructor's Manual

DR. SUSAN HEITLER is a clinical psychologist specializing in saving marriages. In her clinical practice as a marriage therapist in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Heitler has been helping individuals and couples for over twenty-five years. She also has written a book, a workbook, and led workshops called The Power of Two to help more couples learn the skills that lead to marital success. Dr. Heitler graduated from Harvard University, earned a masters degree in education at Boston University and then a doctorate in psychology from New York University. She and her husband, married over 30 years, have enjoyed raising four children, now young adults with children of their own. Dr. Heitler has lectured on her therapy methods nationwide and abroad, including in Spain, Austria, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Australia. Dr. Heitler, a popular radio and television talk show guest, is frequently interviewed in magazines such as Fitness, Men's Health, Women's World, and Parenting. Her cases have appeared often in the Ladies Home Journal column "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" In May 2004, Dr. Heitler appeared on the CBS Early Show where anchor Harry Smith introduced her as "the most influential person in my life - my therapist." He encouraged his viewers similarly to seek therapy when they are emotionally distressed and premarital counseling when they are contemplating marriage.

*Includes Instructor's Manual

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