WATER FUN: Fitness and Swimming Activities for all Ages

The aquatic activities in this exciting program are ideal for participants of all ages and skill levels because they're easy on the joints, they don't cause heat stress, and - most important - they're fun! The majority of the 57 activities included on the DVD occur in shallow water and require little, if any, swimming skill. Terri Lees hosts and narrates and the program is divided into five segments for ease-of-use: Levels of Performance; Aqua Basics; Sports Aqua; Partner Stunts and Skills; and, Water Games That Train.

Each segment includes several activities, and instructors are encouraged to create their own variations of these activities following basic safety guidelines. The name and objective of each activity are clearly shown to help instructors ensure that participants get the most out of every activity. Underwater photography is used extensively to make the activities easy to learn and teach.

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