DON'T STRESS OUT ABOUT IT! Stress Management for Teens

"The video is a great resource for students from junior through senior high school. Highly Recommended." Lauren Aldridge, Educational Media Reviews On-line.

This unique, comprehensive stress management program, provides youth with the tools necessary to identify and manage the stresses of everyday life including disruptions at home, problems at school, community violence, the impact of war, difficulties with friends and more. For viewers ages 11 to 15, pediatric clinics, health classes, school programs, community resource centers. Provides an invaluable set of life skills for young people growing up in today's changing world.

Divided into 7 easy easily accessible chapters:
What is stress? What causes stress? What is healthy? Stress and the body. Stress and the mind. Stress and the emotions. Stress and the spirit

*Includes PDF Guide

#11126/039545 minutes2005 $149.95 Streaming Available

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