In these two important programs, Earnie Larsen focuses on the "new face of courage" needed by many returning service personnel to successfully integrate. Many of the qualities imprinted during military training necessary for success in war become obstacles to peaceful, successful integration at home. Overriding the power of those qualities takes as true a warrior as war demanded. And eventually it all ends up at the table of relationships.

Part One - THE NEW FACE OF COURAGE - Trauma changes people. War is continual trauma. War changes people. This program is about the new courage required for successful reintegration after the war. 28 minutes

Part Two - MAKING RELATIONSHIPS WORK NOW - Successful reintegration eventually is about relationships. Whether the relationships are with self or others they require skills. These skills can be learned. They also can be blocked by deeply ingrained habits. Overcoming these blocking habits and rising up to new skills requires the highest kind of courage. 28 minutes

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