SINGING HOME THE BONES: A Poet Becomes Himself

"A candid, heart-wrenching yet uplifting odyssey. A cathartic celebration of human resilience and healing, showcasing the good that can come out of a past filled with rage and grief."
Michael D. Reid, film critic, The Victoria Times Colonist, 2007

This documentary - suffused with humour and pathos - chronicles Métis poet Gregory Scofield's lifelong striving to piece together his fractured identity. The film is stitched together by Greg's voice as he chants and sings and recites his own poems, described by Joy Harjo as "so beautiful they are dangerous".

Bonus features on the DVD includes a frank conversation between Greg and his adopted mother, renowned Métis poet, Maria Campbell. They discuss how Maria was chosen to care for Greg after the death of his natural mother and some more intimate details of his personality. Also included is a discussion between Greg and Rabbi Louis Sutker, about the relationship between the Métis and Jewish peoples and the meaning of spirituality in our lives.

#11242/133248 minutes2007 $129.95 Streaming Available

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