TEACHING TOOLS FOR ECONOMICS with John Stossel (2 Programs) DVD

For grounding students in business and financial principles, the best tools come from the real world. This two-part series of ABC News programs features 20/20 anchor John Stossel, who uses thought-provoking questions, everyday situations, and events in the news to spark discussion of hot-button economic issues.

There are two programs in this series:

TEACHING TOOLS FOR MACROECONOMICS, GOVERNMENT AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE - Do the rich get a break at tax timeā€”or do they pay more than their share? Who benefits and who suffers when sweatshops are allowed to operate? Are gas prices as outrageous as everyone thinks? This compilation of ABC News stories features 20/20 anchor John Stossel, who uses real-world situations to address provocative macroeconomic questions. In a straightforward style well-known to viewers of 20/20, Stossel covers a wide range of concepts and overturns many common assumptions. 67 minutes

TEACHING TOOLS FOR MICROECONOMICS - Are prescription drug prices as outrageous as they are made out to be? Should farmers receive government subsidies, simply because they grow certain crops? What does it mean to be poor in America? This compilation of ABC News stories features 20/20 anchor John Stossel, who explores microeconomic questions through challenging, real-world examples. In his trademark down-to-earth style, Stossel digs into human dilemmas that will be sure to generate discussions of money, business, and society. 70 minutes

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*Closed Captioned

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