STRESS MANAGEMENT: Treatment and Understanding

How do those who provide counseling deal most effectively with clients who suffer from stress? This program will provide information, techniques, and handouts viewers can immediately use with clients. Dr. Edna Brinkley (Psychological Consultant and Private Practice) works with four clients of multi-ethnic backgrounds where she and her clients demonstrate and discuss:
* How stress affects the body, especially chronic stress.
* How to identify clients' unique sources and symptoms of stress.
* Lifestyle strategies for stress reduction.
* How to create a shared frame of reference about stress.
The excellent demonstrations, coupled with subtitles that highlight major points, make this "a must" for those in helping professions. The easy to use format allows viewers to immediately practice what they view after each section. DVD includes a separate CDROM that provides transcripts, PowerPoints and leader guide.
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#11489/141059 minutes2007Grades 9 to A $209.95 *CC Streaming Available

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