WHY ADS WORK: The Power of Self-Deception DVD

"A lucid and accessible introduction for consumer education students." BOOKLIST
"This thought-provoking, yet entertaining video, will help viewers become more critical consumers of advertising as well as develop an awareness of the nuances of the language." School Library Journal

How is language used in advertising to redirect, mislead, reassure, convince, exaggerate, minimize? And why does it work? This entertaining and informative video demonstrates to viewers that very carefully constructed advertising language often leads to an understanding gap that benefits advertisers. It also shows how less-than-careful listening or reading on the part of consumers contributes to their often dashed expectations. In other words, it's not that they were exactly lying but that you heard what you wanted to. This type of consumer education is so important because advertising has been brought to a new level of sophisticated manipulation.

#1149/112021 minutesGrades 7 to A $99

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