This special collection featuring Earnie Larsen, includes two curricula:

BEYOND ANGER: Connecting with Self and Others
This four-week curriculum helps clients in institutional settings and community corrections address anger, reconciliation, and emotion management and provides guidelines for daily living. Role plays and testimonials by inmates help clients explore spouse and family issues, forgiveness, and letting go of the past. The program stresses how to take action, deal with feelings, and make positive progress. The complete curriculum includes a facilitator's guide, a video, and reproducible handouts. BEYOND ANGER helps corrections clients to identify sources of resentment and anger and develop strategies to move beyond them to forgiveness. It can also aid them to reconcile and reestablish relationships or learn to move on when reconciliation is not possible.

FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Taking Personal Responsibility for the Relationships in Your Life
This 12-week curriculum provides clients in institutional settings and community corrections tools for building, strengthening, and maintaining relationships. Concrete examples, specific advice, inmate testimonials, and role-plays teach inmates how to improve relationships by taking personal responsibility for them. This curriculum includes a facilitator's guide, reproducible worksheets, and 3 DVDs. FROM THE INSIDE OUT helps clients take personal responsibility for their lives, develop skills needed to make relationships work and discover tools to build healthy relationships.

*This complete package includes 4 DVD's, 2 Facilitators Guides, and 2 Sets of Reproducible Handouts and Worksheets

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