FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Resistance and Repression in the Age of Intellectual Property narrated by Naomi Klein

In 1998, university professor Kembrew McLeod (Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Iowa) trademarked the phrase "freedom of expression" - a startling comment on the way that intellectual property law restricts creativity and expression of ideas. This provocative and amusing documentary explores the battles being waged in courts, classrooms, museums, film studios, and the Internet over control of our cultural commons. Based on McLeod's award-winning book of the same title, Freedom of Expression® charts the many successful attempts to push back this assault by overzealous copyright holders. Freedom of Expression® is an essential tool for educators, activists, filmmakers, students, artists, librarians, and more.

Divided into the following sections:
Intro | Free Speech in the Age of Copyright | Fencing the Cultural Commons | The Rise of the Clearance Culture | Suppressing Freedom of Information | Fair Use and Free Speech | Fighting Back

*DVD extras includes the popular short film by Eric Faden, A Fair(y) Use Tale

* Sub-titled
*Includes 20-Page Guide

*A special price is available for Schools, School Boards and all Non-Profit organizations (does not apply to Colleges and Universities who pay full price).

#11640/068552 minutes2007Grades 9 to A $249.95 *CC Streaming Available

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