SEVILLE'S STORY: Choosing to Live Clean (2 Programs)

Personal responsibility is at the center of this ABC News series - but compassion and redemption are also major parts of the equation. Drawn from the so-called Badlands, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia, this is the story of a former criminal and the community activist who helped him change. The psychological journey of the man known as Seville demonstrates what social outreach and involvement can accomplish when a lost soul makes a conscious choice to find a better life.

The series consists of two programs:

Ten years ago, Merrill Jackson stole Cadillacs and helped his fellow heroin addicts shoot up - behavior that earned him the nicknames "Seville" and "The Doctor". This program explores the extraordinary transformation that took place in Jackson's life after he met Joann Muller, an activist Christian minister and mother of five from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Through one-on-one interviews and extensive footage from Jackson's drug-dealing days, the fearless street preacher explains how her community-oriented mission took shape, while the man formerly known as The Doctor contemplates the painful life he left behind. 23 minutes

Car thief, heroin addict, drug dealer - how can a person escape a life like that? This program examines the life-changing friendship between Merrill "The Doctor" Jackson and the Rev. Joann Muller - the first, a criminal from the streets of Philadelphia; the second, a Christian minister determined to change him. Using intimate interviews and footage of crime-infested neighborhoods, the video describes the process through which Jackson realized his future was up to him. Revelations from both interviewees, brought out by challenging questions from host Ted Koppel, guide viewers through the nightmare and rewards of drug recovery. 22 minutes

*Both programs are Sub-Titled

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