Dr. Joann Peterson, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., Dip. C., Ph.D. spent more than 40 years developing anger / violence interventions for children and adults and collaborated with professionals and agencies across the United States and Canada. What Dr. Peterson found is that strategies to suppress anger often failed when people were under duress.

This series is based on Dr. Peterson's three-day workshop at The Haven Institute in B.C. It stands in sharp contrast to other anger management programs because Dr. Peterson believes anger is a feeling or emotional response to hurt, fear, frustration, helplessness and loss. Since those are natural feelings, she teaches the tools to express them responsibly, separate anger from violence and build safety in all relationships. This leads to: better health, enriched relationships, safer homes, workplaces and communities, and more passion and effectiveness in your life.

The complete ANGER WORKSHOP Series includes thirteen broadcast quality DVD Programs and a 26-page Facilitator Guide and Exercise Book.

Program descriptions are as follows:

Program #1 - IN ANGER'S PATH
Participants share how anger has affected their own lives and relationships. Then they explore their own "Default Style" of expressing and reacting to anger. This awareness is crucial as they progressively engage their own anger and break free of limiting patterns. 30 minutes
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Most of us have very negative connotations when we think about anger because it is often linked historically with violence. In this program, participants are asked to describe what anger has meant to them. Dr. Peterson then explains her own definition and describes the physiological roots and evolution of infantile and adult anger. Then we learn the key distinctions between responsible anger and violence. 26 minutes

When most of us think of violence we conjure up headlines of murder, abuse, bullying and road rage. We often shake our heads at "those people". Here you will learn about the many subtle and more insidious forms of violence including: socially sanctioned, indirect and passive, and direct and active. We also learn a "common language" of responsible anger expression and the path back to humanity. 22 minutes
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Dr. Peterson created the term 'aggress energy' to define the stepping forward on our own behalf, or that of others, in a bold and energetic manner to engage in responsible anger. Participants learn six exercises that anyone can use to engage their passion in a safe and boundaried context of their own creation. 35 minutes

Program #5 - CLEARINGS
Clearings are a practical tool to express negative feelings and emotions before they build, fester or explode. You will learn the contract for clearings and then watch as participants practice this important "first line of defense". 22 minutes

Program #6 - VESUVIUS
The Vesuvius is another practical tool to express frustrations, resentments and events that have occurred or built up over time. In this program, you will learn to create a 'contract for Vesuvius' and then watch participants express their own. 29 minutes

There are times and deep-rooted issues that are so intense that nothing short of a physical release will truly express them. Participants explore their most recurring issue and are given an opportunity to physically express it using a number of different techniques. You will learn to create a 'contract for physical expression' and see firsthand the cathartic shift that comes from sharing this most vulnerable experience in connection with others. 36 minutes

To function within the context of a society, we must all learn and adhere to certain norms, rules and obligations. The problem is that this often comes at the cost of our 'authentic self'. You will learn how we developmentally evolve away from our that self and how to regain our passion, spontaneity and connection within society. 10 minutes

Boundaries are the contact space between two people and are defined by who we are, how we want to live in the world, what we want more of and what we want less of. In this program, we learn about the enormous range of possibilities that exist between our individual preferences and bottom lines. You will also learn the important distinctions between walls and boundaries, and the impact they have on our relationships. 22 minutes

The common misconception is that we are entitled to have our boundaries respected. Dr. Peterson does not believe this to be true, and believes it's our responsibility to communicate them and act on our own behalf if others won't respect them. In this program, you will learn about the consequences of not honoring your own boundaries and to create and express your own boundary statements. 12 minutes

Safety is a series of individually defined qualities, behaviors and actions. It is NOT a feeling. In this program, you will learn to define what Safety means to you and learn concrete Assessment Tools to prevent conflict from escalating to violence. You will also learn the way back to healing and reconciliation. 10 minutes

Program #12 - TAKING IT HOME
Dr. Peterson recognizes that change doesn't occur instantly, and that you will make mistakes as you familiarize yourself with these tools. Participants explore how they will sabotage themselves and what they're committed to doing when it occurs. You will also learn about the "Anger Junkie" and the importance of looking beneath your own anger to learn from the hurt, fear, frustration, helplessness and loss that we all experience in our lives. 26 minutes

Participants are asked to consider their new connotations of anger and experience a remarkable shift. They are then reminded of the physical, emotional and relational consequences of not expressing their anger. Dr. Peterson believes that there is immense freedom and empowerment in living a response-able life - and that all victims make a choice to be so. 19 minutes

Programs are $159 each or any 5 for $139 each or Series $1,595

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