BLOOD AND OIL: The Dangers and Consequences of America's Growing Dependence on Foreign Petroleum DVD

Against the chaotic backdrop of the spiralling death toll in Iraq, mounting outrage over rising gasoline and oil prices, and new questions about the Bush administration's justifications for going to war, this program details how U.S. energy and national security policy have become virtually inseparable. Based on Michael T. Klare's critically-acclaimed book of the same title, this documentary untangles the dangerous relationship between unstable global oil supplies, skyrocketing rates of global consumption, and America's increasing reliance on military force as an instrument of energy policy.

*A special price is available for Schools, School Boards and all Non-Profit organizations (does not apply to Colleges and Universities who pay full price).

#11886/068550 minutes2008Grades 9 to A $249.95 *CC Streaming Available

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