Explore the versatility of eggs! Discover the uses of various sizes and grades of eggs, what the eggshell’s color means, egg nutrients, how to store eggs, cooking temperatures and more. Chef Dave Christopherson explains the many uses of the egg while demonstrating a variety of delicious, easy to prepare egg dishes, including:
* Scrambled eggs
* Sunny side up egg, over easy egg, and basted egg
* Poached egg
* Hollandaise sauce
* Omelet
* Strata, frittata, and quiche

*Includes Teaching Materials
*Closed Captioned

*** See also the AMAZING EGGS ACITIVITIES KIT #12218-G - Five, two-hour lessons that explore one of our most versatile, nutritious, and culturally-rich foods: the egg! Students engage in hands-on activities that integrate science, math, art, reading, health, and life skills and follow simple recipes to create tasty egg dishes. Perfect for the classroom or after school programs.

#12218/129021 minutes2012Grades 6 to A $69.95 *CC Streaming Available

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