Do you know what maltodextrin is? No, it's not the winning word from the national spelling bee. It's probably in your corn flakes. Read the label? Are you kidding me?

In the past few days, you've probably eaten several hundred chemicals during your snacks and meals. Some you may know all about, but there may be a lot you've never heard of and even a few you can't pronounce! Are all these chemicals safe? Which are healthy, and which aren't? And is it true that they can be found in even the simplest foods?

From the history behind preserving foods to new concepts in enriching foods, this program presents examples of the many additives that are used to flavor, color, and preserve so much of what we eat. Viewers get a simple, factual look at the everyday trade-offs we make when we choose our food.

*Closed Captioned
*Includes Guide

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