CHARACTER SERIES: Self-Esteem, Communication, Friendship (3 Programs)

Three 18-minute programs guide viewers through all-important self-esteem, communication and friendship basics!

SELF-ESTEEM BASICS - How you see and value yourself is an important part of who you are -- your character. Host and student, McKenna, guides viewers through important questions like: "Why is good self-esteem so important?" and "What can I do to improve mine?" to discover that how we see ourselves influences who we are. Through interviews with a developmental psychology expert and a high school basketball starter, discover why good self-esteem is so important to have.

COMMUNICATION BASICS - In this video, viewers will discover the basics of communication alongside students Anne and Ben. By speaking with a communications professor and seeing professional actors demonstrate the importance of body language, Anne and Ben learn how to communicate more clearly through active listening and nonverbal communication. Online communication via e-mail, texting, Facebook is also examined.

FRIENDSHIP BASICS - Navigating your way through changing friendships might seem daunting. Host Wes Halula and a group of students use humor and captivating visuals to talk about friendships. Discover how to make new friends, keep them, and end friendships in a positive way.

*Closed Captioned
*Includes Teaching Materials

#12465/129054 minutes2009Grades 4 to 10 $139.95 *CC Streaming Available

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