Features Max Parker, University of Florida, Gainesville; Chun-Chung Choi, University of Florida, Gainesville.

What could be a better way to enhance our empathy toward the culturally different than capturing their daily experiences on campus? This program features 36 vignettes developed and role-played by college students based on their own experiences of feeling marginalized. African American, Asian/Asian American, Caribbean, Gay and Lesbian, Hispanic, American Indian, and international students are featured. Audiences not only will gain insight into the experiences that challenge culturally different students, but will examine their own assumptions, feelings and attitudes toward them. An ideal program for student leaders, counselors, Student Affairs Administrators, professors, advisors, health educators, and anyone else who comes in contact with students.

*Includes leader guide

"This engaging DVD depicts realistic situations regarding race relations on campus and racial identity development of students. The scenarios are compelling and did an excellent job in eliciting discussion and participation from my students. My students learned a lot about their own racial identity development as well as their peers!"

Kate Fogarty, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Youth Development
University of Florida
Dept. of Family, Youth, & Community Sciences

#12644/141045 minutes2009 $189.95 Streaming Available

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