Top-performing teams share one very important trait: Team members work effectively together. As a manager, you know that getting a team to get along doesn't happen by magic. It takes strong leadership and coaching from you, because when you have even one employee with weak people skills - or worse, a lousy attitude - team performance suffers. Don't give up! Get the help you need to turn these employees into valued team players. This dynamic and insightful video training gives you straightforward solutions for managing employees who struggle with people skills and for dealing head-on with those whose attitudes just plain stink! You'll learn how to build rapport with your employees and "hear" what they're really trying to say through their behavior. You'll get solid tools for helping employees see themselves as others see them. And you'll master surefire techniques that can transform these once-difficult employees into satisfied, cooperative, productive members of the team. The DVD includes a PDF of the companion document.

What viewers learn:
*Where "people skills" go bad; top mistakes that sour relationships and how to avoid them
*Personality types that might be misperceived as being people skill deficient
*The manager's role in directing employees whose interpersonal skills are weak; coaching them to interact more effectively with others
*Understanding the root causes of bad attitudes; top techniques for managing employees with lousy attitudes
*To feel listened to is to feel valued; how to make employees feel "heard"
*Recognizing the crucial role you play in driving your team's effectiveness.

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