BREASTFEEDING FOR WORKING MOTHERS: Planning, Preparing, and Pumping!

The goal of this new program is to show mothers how they can continue breastfeeding after returning to work. Through step-by-step instructions viewers will learn how to plan during pregnancy, prepare during maternity leave, and how to pump and store their breastmilk once they're back at work.

Three segments offer practical solutions:
1.Planning during pregnancy - communicating with supervisors, arranging pumping space at work, and finding breastfeeding-supportive childcare
2.Preparing at home for your return - establishing a breastfeeding routine, practicing pumping, and introducing baby and caregiver to bottle feeding
3.Returning to work - time saving strategies for mornings, pumping tips, and breastmilk handling and storage guidelines

In less than 20 minutes viewers learn:
* how to succeed with breastfeeding in a variety of work environments
* different strategies for easing back to work
* how to approach supervisors for breastfeeding support
* proper breast milk handling and storage guidelines

Closed Captioned
Downloadable Parent Handbook
Also available in Spanish

#12797/090518 minutes2009Grades 8 to A $169.95 *CC

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