The programs in this series will help people in all walks of life learn how to effectively deal with stress in their daily lives.

1. RECOGNIZING STRESS - Stress affects everyone. Yet most people fail to make the connection between their own stress and the onset of stress-related health problems like recurrent colds, high blood pressure, mood disorders and chronic pain. This program follows four people who describe their difficulties with mood swings, disorganization, anger and insomnia and eventually come to understand the importance of managing stress. #12858 15 minutes
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2. MANAGING STRESS - Wouldn't you like to let stress just roll right off your back? Wouldn't it be empowering to take criticism without being bothered by it? Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate clearly in difficult situations without offending anyone? Learn five resiliency skills that will help you deflect stress, handle criticism better and communicate more effectively. Follow four people as they learn how to adapt, stay flexible, accept change, be proactive and bounce back from adversity. #12854 15 minutes
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3. RESILIENCE: Mastering Stress
Learn how to tackle stress in five easy steps: Identify the source of your stress; Eliminate or avoid stress whenever possible; Rethink the stress you can't avoid; Cope with the stress you can't rethink.; and, Seek support. Follow four people as they learn to use this simple formula to deal with credit card debt, traffic jams, depression and a difficult boss. #12855 15 minutes
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*Includes a full PowerPoint presentation, the video, handouts and bonus materials

#12860/01852009Grades 9 to A $679.95 Streaming Available

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