With the success of his first program - DISCOVERY BEFORE RECOVERY - Bob Francis continues his dedication to AA with this series.

"Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path."
Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 58 2nd Edition
This program is meant to get new people to understand why they must go to meetings and get involved in their own personal recovery. #12926

RELAPSE DYNAMICS: It's a Thought Process
This program is meant to give a new understanding to a way to address relapse without having to go through that old "reintroducing yourself". #12927

SPIRITUALITY: Religion vs. Spirituality simpler than you think!
This program is meant for new people who have some preconceived ideas that hold them back from 12-step recovery spirituality. #12928

Bob Francis has been heavily involved in the Chemical Dependency Recovery Community in Cleveland, Ohio for over 24 years. His personal recovery began in 1985. He became certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor and first worked in a Detox and then an Inpatient Treatment Program. He designed an IOP Program that was widely used around the United States. He then went into Community Corrections, was on the first staff of Greater Cleveland Drug Court, and then developed an IOP Program in a Community Corrections Agency. Bob retired in 2007, but couldn't help working in the C.D. Treatment Industry so he went back to work at a Behavioral Health Center.

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