JOURNEY'S LOST: The Cinematographic Team DVD

Journeys Below The Line traveled to Hawaii and the set of "LOST" to produce an up close look at the entire team of talented people responsible for the Primetime Emmy® nominated look of the hit ABC series. Introduced by Jorge Garcia (Hurley), cinematographers Michael Bonvillian and John Bartley explain the advantages of shooting alternate episodes which affords each of them prep time with the director and input on location choices and scheduling. Go along on a location Tech Scout and sit in on the Production meeting, then see the scenes being shot. "LOST" shoots with two cameras and there are interviews with the Camera Operators, the First Assistants (focus pullers) and the Second Assistants (clappers) explaining the responsibilities of their jobs and how they fulfill them. Meet Walrus the film loader as he demonstrates what it takes to load and unload magazines in the dark room on the camera truck. Jim Grce describes his job as Gaffer, and Chuck Smallwood answers the question "what's a grip?" Dolly Grip Casey Alicino explains how he works with the operator and the focus puller, and how he hits his marks with the camera on the end of a crane. Take a tour of the special vehicles and equipment that have been developed to make shooting on a sandy beach or in a jungle doable. Cast members Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn, Jorge Garcia and Adewale Akinnouye-Agabaje express their admiration and respect for the work done by The Cinematography Team.

#12983/200334 minutes2007 $99.95 Streaming Available

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