Travel transforms us. It changes our perspective and offers new ideas about the world we live in. France teaches us about art, history, fashion, natural beauty, and a certain joie de vivre. Of course, it's no secret that food is also very important to the French. The very word "cuisine" comes from their language. Sidewalk caf├ęs, specialty shops with beautiful displays, and vibrant markets offer a glimpse of daily life in France. Join cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell as she walks down grand boulevards and wanders through cobblestone streets in Paris, Nice, and Marseilles while savoring the wonderful flavors and memorable sights.

*Video includes segments with locals speaking French and optional English subtitles
*Closed Captioned
*Includes Teaching Materials

*** See also the ACTIVITY PACKET - Creative and fun activities and worksheets to supplement the World Food Markets: France video. Includes French food vocabulary list, crossword puzzle, classroom activities, writing assignments and more.

#13037/129025 minutes2009Grades 7 to A $59.95 *CC Streaming Available

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