BAKING BASICS SET (5 Programs on one DVD)

Learn the basics of baking and cooking with this comprehensive DVD. Discover the secrets of mouth-watering baked goods and basic meat preparation techniques. Includes five programs:

PIES - Did you know pies actually date back to medieval Europe? Chef Colleen Miner discusses the history of pie as well as its versatility as both a dessert and a main dish. She demonstrates how to create a basic crust and a variety of mouth-watering pies. 24 minutes *CC

YEAST BREADS - Chef Nancy Mauer discusses the various types of ingredients and how each is used in preparing different types of breads. One recipe is used to create a loaf of bread, caramel or dinner rolls. Recipes and teaching materials included. 13 minutes

QUICK BREADS - From pancakes to loaf bread, quick breads are fast and fun to prepare as well as delicious to eat. Chef Nancy Mauer shows how to make muffins, bread, popovers, and biscuits in your own kitchen, while discussing ingredients and basic techniques. 14 minutes

COOKIES - Who doesn't love the smell of cookies in the oven? Cookies are a tasty treat and offer a rewarding baking experience. Chef Colleen Miner discusses the ingredients, measuring techniques, and varieties of cookie preparation including: drop, bar, cut out, rolled, pressed, and molded. She demonstrates her favorite chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and incredible peanut butter cookies. 20 minutes *CC

MEAT - Meat is often the centerpiece of family meals. In this video, Chef Colleen Miner discusses the basics of beef, lamb, and pork and demonstrates nutritional information as well as selection and preparation tips. Viewers will learn different cooking methods for roasting, broiling/grilling, stir-frying/pan broiling, and braising/stewing. 21 minutes *CC

*Includes Teaching Materials
*Programs are also available on separate DVDs

#13056/12902001Grades 7 to A $199.95 *CC Streaming Available

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