FULL COVER GIRL: How Fundamentalism and Democracy Are Eroding Women's Rights in Iraq

Peace, prosperity, and the implementation of Islamic law: that is the dream of Jinan al-Ubaidy, an influential member of Iraq's parliament who is calling loudly for Sharia-based government - and, as her opponents say, for a return to the subordination of women to men. Filmed on location in war-torn Baghdad, this program exposes the deteriorating state of women's rights as fundamentalist Islamic and burgeoning democratic ideals bury the secular principles that had empowered Iraqi women for decades. Jinan al-Ubaidy and Abir al-Sahlani, a political activist standing in bitter opposition to al-Ubaidy's platform, are featured as Full Cover Girl tracks this tragic conflict of ideologies in which women - targeted by extremists for not wearing hijab, for working outside the home, for driving a car, for having an education - are being killed by the thousands. Additional insights are provided by Paul Bremer, former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, and other noteworthy figures.

*Portions in other languages with English subtitles

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