FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Winning Over Your Boss and Co-Workers

Starting any new job is likely to create some mixed reactions. It's great to look forward to a new challenge, meeting new people and receiving a regular pay packet. But let's be honest, it can also be very stressful, even if you have previous work experience.

Every workplace has its own dress standards, protocols, procedures, chains of communication and acceptable work habits. So understanding how to fit in from the start is a crucial skill to acquire. In this program you'll learn how to make that all-important good first impression whenever you start a new job. Also looks at preparing to start work, induction and training, working with others and how to deal with problems along the way. And employment experts provide some important tips!

A practical and informative look at your entry into a new working environment. Chapters: Preparing to Start Work; Induction and Training; Working with Others; and, Deal with Problems.

#13201/054521 minutes2008 $129.95 Streaming Available

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