DANGER OF DRUGS: Run of the Mill

*UNICEF Award Winner -The International Animation Festival
Oscar-winning animator, Borge Ring (Anna and Bella), uses his expertise in animation to weave the tale.

"Highly Recommended! This non-narrated program tells the compelling story of a boy from a happy, nurturing family who is lured into drug use by his curiosity. Progressing from smoking to syringes, he remains in a transparent bubble, isolated from his parents and peers. Students, parents and teachers will find this a discussion-promoting tool." School Library Journal

"Highly Recommended! The bubble symbol effectively helps to portray in stark terms the family dynamics of the situation, as the ever-growing bubble becomes the center of everyone's life." Animation World Magazine

"Recommended. An intriguing depiction of the cycle of drug addiction as a young boy falls prey to a drug dealer's enticement. Wordless animation shows a growing bubble representing the expanding isolation of the addict's world." NAMTC/NMM Review

#13402/045010 minutes2009Grades 5 to 7 $149.95 Streaming Available

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