This program gives strategies to help viewers reduce stress and feel more in control.

Explains stress and how each person has a choice in how they respond to it. Demonstrates the mind-body connection and how your mood or the way you feel can lead to relaxation or stress. This fresh insight will challenge you to re-think habits of thought and action that may be creating stress in your life.

A special feature is the inclusion of a prescription for good health to better withstand stress, recover from it quicker and have more energy. This is a useful program for people in challenging situations when they need to rise above their circumstances.

The companion program to this title is STRESS AND HUMOUR. A sense of humour allows us to see the lighter side of life's problems, especially those we cannot change. As you laugh along with a studio audience, you'll discover for yourself the energizing and relaxing benefits of laughter.

You'll learn where to find and use humour to develop a more playful disposition, boost your own sense of humour and get other people laughing. The program is filled with funny stories, practical ideas and props to bring more humour into your life. The DVD can be used as a 'fun break' at home and at work for meetings, training sessions and team building.

#13503/029328 minutes2005 $269.95 Streaming Available

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