HIP HOP HEALTH: Learning Through Physical Activity

Offering children sufficient physical activity time is a challenge for every educator. But with HIP-HOP HEALTH, you can provide your students with physical activity and health concepts in ways that are fun and engaging! This DVD can be easily incorporated into a health unit. It offers six five-minute health raps that will get your students moving in the classroom or the gym. The format allows you to use each segment of physical activity as a short activity break or all the segments together as a full 30-minute workout without the worry of instruction time or equipment. The incorporated health raps offer a fun, engaging way to teach children about bones, muscles, nutrition, the cardiovascular system, and flexibility.

Co-created by educators Chris Wells and Kurtis Johnson, the DVD also offers lesson plans, the lyrics to the raps, and instructions and tips to help educators make the most of Hip-Hop Health. These great resources are available in PDF format and can be printed and shared with other educators. Recent research indicates that physical activity not only benefits children's health but also improves their ability to concentrate and enhances learning. HIP-HOP HEALTH will help you get your students moving, having a great time, and learning lifelong health concepts with upbeat and contemporary rhythms and music.

CONTENTS: Basic Anatomy; Bone Dance; Pump It Up; Healthy Lifestyle ; Wild Safari; Mission Nutrition; Fitness
Cardio; Super Flex; Hip-Hop Health extras ; Wild Safari group activity; Mission Nutrition group activity; Lesson plans
Lyrics; Instructions and tips; Credits

#13603/086030 minutes2010Grades K to 5 $49.95 *CC

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