A positive attitude is too important to be left to chance. That's because everything you do can be easier and more enjoyable when you're in a good mood. Being in a good mood can improve relationships, enhance learning, make hard work easier, prevent accidents and reduce stress. There is also a strong connection between positive emotions and good health.

STAYING POSITIVE is an exciting, energetic and entertaining feast of ideas for getting into a good mood and staying there. By watching this program, you'll be more aware of the times when you may be tempted to give in to negative emotions and what you can do to cut them off and choose more helpful alternatives.

There's a lot in this program, including:
How attitudes are transferred in the workplace.
Simple, yet effective strategies to lift your mood.
The price you pay for being in a bad mood.
How to use the power of your mind to see things differently.
The value of humour and laughter to relax and feel good.
Encouragement and ideas for surviving tough times.
How to boost your self confidence to feel good.
The importance of gratitude.

This program is a proven winner on its own, or to complement other DVDs and training programs. It can be watched in a single viewing or segmented.

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