DIGNITY 1: A Study of Schizophrenia

"Highly Recommended. A brave and illuminating look at the mentally disturbed, which brings to light their humor, hope and passions."
Michael Ferris, Screenwriter (The Net; The Game; Terminator 3)

"Highly Recommended. A great teaching tool for Intro to Psychology students to build empathy and understanding." W. Psychological Assn.

"Highly Recommended. This documentary shows mental illness in a very personal way, allowing the viewer to see the person behind the illness." -WAMI Spotlight Review

"Highly Recommended. Lorian Elbert's two-year project finds "dignity" of schizophrenics and comes highly recommended." Capitol Hill Times

Mentally ill people are too often outcast in society, instead of receiving compassion that a physically ill person would normally receive. Mentally ill people, like all of us, need dignity, which is the underlying theme of this eye-opening and much heralded documentary. Focusing primarily on Schizophrenia, the producer, a professional photographer and artist, weaves interviews with residents and staff from two different homes for mentally ill people along with reflective photographs that offer profound insight into the disorder while striving to help change people's attitudes towards mental illness.

*See also DIGNITY 2: The Human Side of Mental Illness

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