ART AND DESIGN: Insights into the Visual Arts DVD

Where do abstract painters and fashion designers find their muses? To what extent does the creative process differ between video artists, sculptors, and fine art embroiderers? How do illustrators and mixed media artists handle the business side of their work?

Using capsule interviews with contemporary figures on the visual arts scene, this program draws viewers into the studio space and immerses them in the hands-on processes and limitless possibilities of art and design.

Section one, "Artists and Ideas", explores sources of inspiration, the foundational importance of drawing, and a variety of functions for sketchbooks and journals. Section two, "Art Practice", considers contextual referencing in art, the development of ideas, artistic materials and techniques, the relative merits of criticism, and the synergy between artist, environment, and tools. And section three, "Art at Work", addresses making a living from doing art and the relevance and value of art in public spaces.

#13819/063559 minutes2009 $169.95

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