FIRST: Perspectives on Sexual Awakening and Identity

Joy, fear, wild pleasure, a sense of danger - these emotions are at the core of almost any coming-of-age experience. Multiply them by a thousand, and maybe throw disgust or boredom into the mix, and you have a fleeting glimpse of the thoughts and sensations surrounding a young woman's first sexual encounter. This program collects stories and reflections on that very subject from ten unique women, all of whom speak candidly about their backgrounds, their expectations prior to having sex, and how they have learned to define themselves sexually. Participants range from Trish, age 16 and the only virgin in the group, to 45-year-old Annee, who remembers hiding her feelings of triumph after her first lovemaking, to Pauline, an octogenarian who wistfully recalls losing her virginity - on her wedding night. Heterosexual and gay issues are both addressed in detail.

#13911/063540 minutes2008 $129.95

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