MAKING DIVORCE WORK: A Clinical Approach to the Binuclear Family

In this compelling video, renowned therapist Constance Ahrons demonstrates her groundbreaking approach to working with divorced families, with an emphasis on helping ex-spouses and new spouses effectively manage their shared parenting obligations.

In a time when fifty percent of American marriages end in divorce, therapists frequently encounter families struggling with the aftermath. This video depicts a series of productive and poignant therapy sessions with an entire binuclear family: the divorced mother and father, their two sons, and the new wife of the children's father. Dr. Ahrons aptly demonstrates how, over time, she brings these reluctant family members together to begin forging a more agreeable, cooperative approach to parenting.

By watching this video, you'll learn how to:

* Assist divorced couples in overcoming their resistance to meeting together to address their children's problems.
* Help binuclear families break out of unproductive patterns and explore new territory in cooperative relationships.
* Foster constructive, non-blaming conversations between ex-partners about joint child rearing issues.
* Help ex-spouses develop a long-term view in which they retain a sense of kinship in fulfilling their joint roles as parents.

Includes Instructor's Manual

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