COLA CONQUEST 1: A Classic Marketing Story DVD

This award-winning documentary explores the advertising and marketing techniques behind Coca-Cola's historic success. Drawing on a wealth of archive material and interviews with key industry figures, the film offers a powerful insight into Coke's commercial and social impact.

BIRTH OF MODERN ADVERTISING: Coke begins life as a "brain tonic" for business people. But the secret of the new drink's success lie in its marketing. Revolutionary mass advertising techniques are used to sell it as a refreshing drink for everyone. Images of Coke appear everywhere. Coca-Cola spends an unheard of 20% of its revenue on advertising.

BATTLE OF THE BRANDS: Integral to the Coke story is its long-running battle with Pepsi. A wealth of marketing and advertising imagination is employed on both sides. Coke is the "real thing", but drinking Pepsi makes you part of the "Pepsi generation" - as promoted by superstar singer Michael Jackson.

A NEW RELIGION: Market researchers examine the responses of people to Pepsi and Coke, trying to work out why we choose one over the other - even though there's almost no difference in the taste. And what about their social impact? Is Coke part of a new, fantasy-driven, consumerist religion in which what we buy defines who we are?

DVD EXTRAS provide a wealth of additional material including Coke In Britain, Virgin Cola, Coke and the colour bar, and why Coke changed its formula.

*See also COCA COLA 2: How Coke Took Over the World

#14016/204742 minutes2008 $249.95 Streaming Available

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