ICT AND BUSINESS: The Great Revolution DVD

How has information and communications technology changed the world of commerce and industry? This wide-ranging film tells a remarkable story of our times.

IMPACT ON WORK: In the 1970s office work was done with typewriters and paper and correcting fluid. Computers were giant devices in air-conditioned rooms. Then in the 1980s computers got smaller and began to appear on people's desks. Whole industries and professions vanished. Simon Steele, a sub-editor on the Independent, describes how computers have changed his working life.

THE INTERNET: In a short time the internet became the world wide web connecting computers across the globe. The "dot-com bubble" burst - but e-commerce took off. A travel agent demonstrates the massive impact ICT has had on his business. The internet has also led to the creation of millions of new businesses. Twenty-year old Kadriye Balic now sells fair-traded products all over the world from home via an internet-only business.

WHO BENEFITS? Automated factories have destroyed millions of jobs - but at the same time companies are using cheap labour in countries like China. The technology means more data about us is recorded than in the past - but how safe is that data? The ICT industry has to continually sell us newer and newer technology and we're becoming more and more dependent on it. So who's really benefiting?

DVD EXTRAS cover a wealth of topics in greater depth including: data security, computer disasters, the impact on jobs, the newspaper industry, and the "dot-com bubble".

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#14021/204730 minutes2009 $249.95 Streaming Available

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