Market research is big business, with clients demanding more and better ways of finding out what their customers want. Case studies show how market research is changing and the impact of new technology.

CLASSIC DIVISIONS: The internet is now widely used in market research - as are mobile phones and other new techniques. But the classic divisions of market research still apply. We explain qualitative and quantitative research: also primary and secondary research.

APPLICATIONS: The UK publishing giant IPC uses market research for long established titles such as Melody Maker, as well as for launching new titles, such as the controversial Nuts magazine. Universal Records employs research to keep in touch with its buyers - for example, how will the market react to the launch of a new band? For Cancer Research UK, meanwhile, market research is about testing how effective their TV ads are.

WHAT'S IT ALL FOR? The technology may be impressive, but what's the point of it all? What use is market research if it supports products we don't need?

DVD EXTRA: Student Kayleigh offers a critical view of Nuts magazine and its portrayal of women.

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