CONVERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Mobile Phones, Internet, Game Consoles

This fast-moving documentary takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the world of convergence.

TECHNOLOGY CHANGE: In the early days computers were huge and needed to be kept in air-conditioned rooms. Next they moved to the desktop and the internet became available. Memory and processing power increased, and computers can now do more than ever before. Phones can now send messages, take and send photos, access the internet and play music. And on games consoles you can download movies, stream your music, chat, view photos and make video calls.

MARKETING: At the heart of converging technologies are the marketing techniques used to sell the products to an ever expanding customer base. The Xbox, PS3 and the Wii are all carefully targeted at different markets. Manufacturers release products with limited functions initially so they can then release version two and version three later in the year.

THE DOWNSIDE: But is industry convergence a good thing? Some argue that the "corporate monsters" behind the products are too powerful. Also, phones can become unstable if they have too many functions. And if your entire home entertainment is based on one device and it breaks down you're left with nothing. Is the Blackberry bad for your quality of life? And what about "happy slapping" - is this a result of too much technology?

DVD EXTRAS provide a wealth of extra material on the topics in the film including the history of computers, mobile phones, HD vs Blu-ray, Wii and Wi-Fi.

#14041/204731 minutes2008 $249.95 Streaming Available

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