WOMEN'S REPRESENTATION IN THE MEDIA: Content, Careers and Criticism

"A first rate examination of the history of women in the media, from print to television to motion pictures and their impact on American culture!" Lynda Obst (Film Producer, Sleepless in Seattle, The Fisher King, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days)

*Telly Award and Communicator Crystal Award

Focuses on four areas: The reclaimed history of women who created media; The media portrayal of women; Women's inclusion in the media workforce; and, How men perceive media differently than women and how that affects what we read, see and hear from the media. Contains visuals of past and present media and interviews with Dr. Maurine Beasley, Sheila Gibbons and Junior Bridge, all foundational scholars in the field of women and media. A perfect introduction to Women, Minorities and Media Courses or a section on media in a Women's studies course.

#14058/200345 minutes2006 $99.95 Streaming Available

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